So many creys

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"I can’t believe it, we are actually all here."

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you know when they start playing ed sheeran that shit’s about to get real

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The Vampire Diaries: 720p WEB-DL Masterpost
Here is Seasons 1-3 of The Vampire Diaries in beautiful 720p and all logoless! Keep checking this page for new Season 4 uploads :) Send me a message if any of the links don’t work and I’ll try and provide you with a new link. Anyways, enjoy and happy gif making!

Season One:
Pilot Night Of The Comet Friday Night Bites Family Ties You’re Undead to Me Lost Girls Haunted 162 Candles History Repeating The Turning Point Bloodlines Unpleasantville Children of the Damned Fool Me Once A Few Good Men There Goes the Neighborhood Let the Right One In Under Control Miss Mystic Falls Blood Brothers Isobel Founder’s Day

Season Two:
The Return Brave New World Bad Moon Rising Memory Lane Kill or Be Killed Plan B Masquerade Rose Katerina The Sacrifice By the light of the Moon The Descent Daddy Issues Crying Wolf The Dinner Party The House Guest Know Thy Enemy The Last Dance Klaus The Last Day The Sun Also Rises As I Lay Dying

Season Three:
The Birthday The Hybrid The End of the Affair Disturbing Behaviour The Reckoning Smells Like Teen Spirit Ghost World Ordinary People Homecoming The New Deal Our Town The Ties That Bind Bringing Out the Dead Dangerous Liaisons All My Children 1912 Break On Through The Murder Of One Heart Of Darkness Do Not Go Gentle Before Sunset The Departed

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I’m Sorry But Fuck This Show 

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Still haven’t seen Last Weeks Episode of The Vampire Diaries 

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When I was little, your mom used to tell me bedtime stories. Stories about vampires. I never thought that what she said could be true.

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xoxo Damon